Walkingshoe • "Pancho and Lefty"

Having just produced and released the song “SMURF” with Chandy, Walkingshoe continues to drop gems on his own SoundCloud. This time around, it's the song “Pancho and Lefty”. Originally written by Townes Van Zandt, I first heard this song by listening to Willie Nelson's version. A folksy, acoustic, country tune through and through, Walkingshoe takes away the beat machine and sample patterns and instead picks up his guitar and harmonica.

The song is a significant and nice contrast to the production work he has done for artists like ShowYouSuck, Towkio, Defcee, and others (as well as his stand out instrumental albums). While a different sound from his previous work, it shows a nice direction of eclecticism for Walkingshoe, an artist that Chicago needs to know about more and more. If you need more from Walkingshoe, you can check him out on our Tokens compilation, where he makes three appearances, and you can expect to see his name throughout ShowYouSuck's upcoming album, Bummer