Premiere • TennisShoes: "Fefe"

One of the best parts of doing what we do day-to-day is finding new acts in organic and realistic ways, often outside of the Internet. That happened recently as Yakub Films turned us onto this impressive duo by the name of TennisShoes, who team up with TheseDays today to premiere their video for the single, "Fefe" which, fittingly is handled by Yakub himself. The single and the accompanying visual are impressive and call to mind a new sort of artist that seems to hit the larger public with more and more well-tuned ideas and aesthetics and Yak truly does his thing once again. Without further ado though, we have the w-w-w-world premiere from a collection of talented young men on the come up. Check below for more on the single as we caught up with the pairing.

TheseDays • Take us through the concept of this single.

TennisShoes • It's the perfect introduction to tennis shoes. The goal for me is to create something that feels genre-less. This song is one of the first on the upcoming project that really nailed that. Each song from this new record tells a different story and it's less about hitting a stylistic benchmark or creating one specific sound then every song telling a story, creating a feeling. It's also not about being overly experimental-this is a classic boy meets girl song, there are a million of them but I think it manages to feel fresh and new because the feeling is there. The story is real.

TheseDays • How does the video capture that?

Tennis Shoes • I wanted to shoot something that was as fun to watch as the song is to listen to. At the same time I didn't want to do the cliche party scene that we've seen a million times. So we switched the narrative around a bit and added choreography from my boys Miguel Arzeta and Hazael Castillo. Linking up with Yakub really helped execute and take that vision to the next level. He came in and we did it in 1 night. It's fun, it's Chicago, yet it really captures the tennis shoes vibe which is different but not just for the sake of being different. 

TheseDays • What should people be looking out for from Tennis Shoes?

TennisShoes • I'm going to release at least one more single from the upcoming full length project  "Lemons" but I'd like to release it by May or June. With this project I finally have something that i'm proud of and that i want to get out there and perform. This record really feels like the fuck it moment, like Yeah, I can record. I know what i'm doing and i don't have to sound like that guy, I can carve my own lane. I don't think I have a voice that you hear and instantly think wow you were born to sing, I feel like it's the right voice to sing what I want to sing.