Spanish Diego • Uno EP

Back in January, in preparation for Sterling Hayes' Antidepressant mixtape, we properly covered producer Spanish Diego (who produced about half of the project) in a segment of Instrumental Insight. Although Antidepressant has been pushed back indefinitely, Spanish Diego has continued to make waves of his own, most recently by releasing his debut instrumental EP via Bandcamp.

The EP is known as Uno and acts as Diego's first proper release to the world. Consisting of six songs, the experimental project contains more elements of jazz and soul than hip-hop and rap. Opening track “Blow” snags the famous quote over a catchy lounge bar of a composition, complete with an elegant bass line and some pattering drums. All of the tracks clock in at one minute each, except the final track, “Spanish Town”, which is a remix of Dipset's “Santana's Town”, which properly closes out this nice little EP.

Uno is full of quick instrumentals and smooth loops. Songs with names like “Float” and “Melt”. "Swim" samples Justin Timberlake. These all contain a similar sound, a nice portfolio of Spanish Diego's capabilities, even if it's only for eight short minutes. These all have playback value, repeat value, something to hold you over until you hear the Diego knock on Antidepressant which is hopefully arriving sooner than later. Until then, stream Uno on Bandcamp, grab it for $5, and play something smooth in the car for your mom so she thinks you're an intellectual.