Premiere • Zaramela: Realized

We're very excited to be hosting the premiere of Chicago band Zaramela's third album titled Realized. The band is known throughout the Chicago scene for mixing together flavors of all your favorite genres. This album is no different and it's further emphasized with guest appearances from Eryn Allen Kane, ProbCause and Saba. The albums sonic landscape is evident upon a first listen. It's essential to listen to this project more than once. You'll find something new each and every time. Simply put, there are many intricate parts of each song for you to explore. 

The band took an extremely forward thinking and interactive approach to the release of Realized by creating a complimentary mobile app. The group hooked up with Chicago app developer, Matt Frederickson of Volcanoes For Hire. Check out the app in the Apple Store while you listen.

“With apps, we can simply update recordings without pushing out separate remixes. A new guitar solo or featured vocal becomes an option a listener can select in the same mix,” explains Frederickson. “It creates an intimate conduit directly between artist and fan."

Frederickson and Zaramela worked together out of Chicago music-incubator space 2112 (at Fort Knox Studios) to truly create something special and a representation of different creatives with different talents all coming together to create something special. With the elaborate sounds of Zaramela combining with a thoughtful app platform - the band takes a big step in blending together music and technology tastefully. It turns out lines of computer code and a gut-wrenching trumpet solo can go hand and hand.

Zaramela will celebrate their release with a show alongside Anthony Pavel at 1st Events on Friday, April 8th.