Premiere • Glam Camp: "BOOMCHA"

Photo by:   Jim Vondruska

Photo by: Jim Vondruska

Glam Camp's "BOOMCHA" is a woozy spin down an engaging audible trip of glistening guitar and storytelling. Just when you think you know where the hazy rock song is headed, it says fuck it and drops into some heavy funk. The dizzying visuals serve as a complimentary aide to the catchy jam.

The masked figures recorded the project at their hideaway lair outside the Chicago city limits. As a creative retreat (with full recording capabilities), the group hopes to host other talent in the city while they continue to craft and define their sound.

Personally, Glam Camp's sound is a welcomed addition to the Chicago scene. With bands like The Walters, Twin Peaks and Whitney putting the indie rock spotlight on Chicago, Glam Camp will likely perk some ears quickly.

Glam Camp will perform at Santah's Prom-A-Llama at 1st Ward Events on June 10th. You may be surprised who some of the faces on stage might be. Tickets and additional show information can be found on our Events Calendar.

Photo by:  Jim Vondruska

Photo by: Jim Vondruska