Divino Niño • "Time"

Chicago quartet Divino Niño popped onto my radar after they performed a show at Lincoln Hall with the band Santah. Other than a two song split single last year titled Dark Ballads, they haven't released an album since 2014 with the twelve song LP Pool Jealousy, which you should listen to as soon as this sentence finishes. 

Blending doo wop sways with beach vibes and bubblegum pop, sounding a bit like The Stokes paying a visit to the drive-in movie theater somewhere in the depths of Chicago, Divino Niño have crafted a multilingual sound that sounds perfect as winter turns into spring and the sun returns to the Windy City. 

The group recently revitalized their sound with the new track “Time”, the lead single from their upcoming album, The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes. While we won't hear that sixteen track project for another month, being released on May 13, the new single is enough to hold over fans, as the song blends English with Spanish with a vintage synth and a steady groove. “Time” is one for the books. Come back in a month and check out our site where you will be sure to find coverage of Divino Niño's upcoming LP. I'm particularly hype for the track “Haunted Moon”.