Chance The Rapper • Coloring Book

It's been three years since we've been blessed with a new full-length project from Chancelor Bennett, the man now known the world over as Chance The Rapper. That time has proved to be as fruitful as anyone could have imagined when they lined up outside of Jugrnaut on the eve of summer to catch a glimpse of a star still yet to rise. Today, Chance put an end to the waiting and released his third solo project today, the same way he did the first one five years ago: for free and for the people. Coloring Book is here and as glorious as everyone expected it to be.

This new project is the end of an era in both the life of Chance and Chicago music. After opening eyes with 10 Day, and breaking through to the masses with Acid Rap, Coloring Book finds the hometown hero on the cusp of super stardom as he continues to put his city on his back every step of the way. The project is also reflective of the growth we've seen in Chance as an artist and a person. With a new daughter, a booming business model and a dedicated following that counts President Obama among others, Chance has certainly upped the ante heading into his summer 2016. 

Photos by Jacob Linden

Everything about the kid screams originality and leadership. From the way he makes and distributes his music, to the investment of time he dedicates to bettering his community, to his likable personality that that got him on seemingly every late night program since late last year as an truly independent artist, Chance has it all figured out. Premiering "Blessings", the album's first real preview, on Fallon the other night is a great example of Chance's relationship with late night television lately. From there, "No Problem" and "Grown Ass Kid" both dropped today. The former came by way of Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio, and the latter, a Coloring Book throw away featuring Mick Jenkins and Alex Wiley, surfaced briefly this evening. If you heard "Grown Ass Kid", then good for you, if not, quit sleeping. 

The wait for Coloring Book is officially over though, and don't worry he made it so free and the bars hard that there ain't one gosh darn part you can't tweet. Get listening!