Appleby (Ft. Iris Temple) • "Random Love"

Vocalist Appleby and producer Elias Abid are slowly and surely proving to the world that they are a dynamic duo, a Chicago creative force to be reckoned with. After launching the single "Castles" at the beginning of March, the two Windy City talents (one of whom publicly covers his face and the other of which can't legally drink) announced that they were working on an EP known as Down Dance. Entirely produced by Mr. Abid (who is no stranger to TheseDays), the EP would later be noted for only containing one feature: Chicago group Iris Temple. Made up of producer/guitarist/vocalist Quinn Cochran and vocalist Aura, the two were covered on TheseDays back in February as part of our Home Team column. 

Now that we're (briefly and quickly) up to speed, the four aforementioned artists came together for the track "Random Love". Clocking in at four minutes in length, the captivating, near cinematic track covers enumeration and lust over hypnotic, progressive synth lines. Appleby splits his vocal bits between smooth singing and rapping, while Aura rhymes ("She was a force of nature"), and Quinn belts his pipes ("I've been searching for myself") before one hell of a guitar solo. It's a collaborative, family affair this time around and the chemistry is evident. I couldn't give you a genre for this one if you asked. Perhaps it is a mixture of electronica and soul, as made evident by the SoundCloud tags. Perhaps the genre is a new genre, a genre known as Down Dance. Regardless, "Random Love" is a serious groover, one that will be track three in the upcoming EP. Be on the look out. As always, Appleby has this one available as a free download. 

Mama told me I was special
Mama told me I would win the race
If I ain’t in the race
And you don’t need a medal.”
— Appleby