Anthony Fremont's Garden Solutions • "Anthology" Tease and Stream

Good Life.jpg

The Good Life

is hectic, it seems...

Ever possessed the mind of a man? Had a short story or Twilight Zone episode based on you? Anthony Fremont has. He’s a young boy of 6 depicted in a story by author Jerome Bixby. Anthony has taken control of Chicago musician Marcus Drake, and written a pair of EPs, a kind of salutation and manifesto combo written for the benefit of eco-conscious intellectual hardcorists. This article is about one, entitled “Anthony Fremont’s Good Life”. The good life is hectic, it seems.

Drake has been making and putting out music for a while, most recently in a band called Evasive Backflip, even ran his own label called Grandpa Bay with AFGS’s bassist, Nate Amos. Grandpa Bay released numerous recordings, including those of now-labelmates Water From Your Eyes. Rounding out the threesome is Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, rapper, composer, and artist extraordinaire. Nnamdi is tight as a bowstring on this EP, crashing through cymbals on a breakdown, then gently pecking out a straight beat behind moody guitars.

At times the momentum feels hard to follow, not because of poor musicianship but because of the sheer amount of things happening through each song. “... Good Life” is a 6-track romp through the mind of a pissed off environmentalist. The final track (my favorite), features a spazz-out ending, followed by the muttered phrase “Water your plants,” a sullen reminder before one dives into the EP to follow, entitled “Anthony Fremont’s American Dream”.

Cassettes will be released October 13 by Sooper Records. Wonderfully appointed artwork by Mae Vitali.

While you’re waiting, you can check out a live video of Anthony Fremont’s Garden Solutions below.