Noname • "Song 32"


Song 32

Produced by Phoelix

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Co-creating with the universe, Noname’s creative enthusiasm and vibrational essence(s) transcend(s) beyond the ear and mental with “Song 32”.  Gliding upon the drums, bassline and eeriness of the organ keys as she spits, “Gave my body to Adam, he told me to lie for him,Apple wasn't the apple, the truest sin was the pussy, I’m patriarchy on Sunday, don't push me, I'm Viacom, Y’all niggas got Diddy money, don’t push me, I'm atom bomb, I’m Obama pushing the button, in Lybia, Pakistan, Humanly a hypocrite, the sinner and the civilian, The pettiest that it gets, I'm America at its best {Yeah}, I'm America at its best”, Noname’s freedom of spiritual discovery synchronizes with the utopia of Phoelix’s artistic expression(s). Open the cerebral to the poetic rebellion and freshness of Noname with “Song 32” co-created with Phoelix, Lauren D’Elia and Kyle Fabi.