Dehd • "On My Side"


On My Side

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Dehd, Chicago’s triad of musical joy just dropped a new video for their single “On My Side.” Taking place on a dusty Texas road bandmate Emily Kempf is engulfed in the southern light as she sings in the spirit of Karen O and Chicago DIY realness.

Fresh off a SXSW run and all the madness that comes with sixth street Dehd’s new single is part melancholy, part raw energy, and totally intriguing, like that dude that does flips on his bike on Milwaukee Ave or a polaroid of your best friends. Dehd’s melodies and drums are insatiable and irresistibly listenable. Guitarist/singer Jason Balla and drummer Eric McGrady along with Kempf have chemistry that only comes along when you actually enjoy the presence of another being.

“On My Side” makes you nod your head and sway your body so much you may actually dance at the function! Wherever this song may take you it’s there to stay. Catch the trio at the hideout on 5/10 for their “Water” album release show.