The O’My’s • "Don’t Know Better"


Don’t Know Better

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Winter has faded into a rainy and pleasant spring in Chicago, quickly swelling into a hopefully hazy Chicago summer. What better way to usher in the summer love than with “Don’t Know Better,” a new single from the Windy City’s own The O’My’s.

The single at 2:56 is not epic in scope but beautiful in a way akin to a wave greeting the shore, effective and reliable. The opening guitar chords and soft falsetto voice of Maceo Haymes with Nick Hennessey’s gentle keys beckon me back to a Paul McCartney “Blackbird” moment. As the song continues Haymes lyrics melt into a shower of violins and trumpets with the backbone being Hennessey’s funky keys.

The tight-knit duo have been consistently making quality music with each other for nearly a decade. “Don’t Know Better,” fresh off their 2018 album “Tomorrow,” continues the band’s tradition of excellently executed music as they prep for their new EP this spring.

There is depth in this song in the way the duo feed of each other and collaborators Britteney Black Rose Kapri, Macie Stewart, Peter Cottontale, Boyang Mastapola, Stix, Nico Segal and Loona Dae. Haymes characteristic falsetto voice greets Hennessey’s keys with a warm embrace neither overpowering, both complimenting.

The O’My’s remain wholly original and enjoyable on this new track. Much like a hot summer I welcome this new single and long for more.