Peter CottonTale • "God Is Love"


"God is Love”

Co-Created by Peter CottonTale, Fred Hammond & New Direction

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Elevating into the multi-dimensions of harmonic and rhythmic cadence(s), Peter CottonTale’s orchestration of synths, repetitive melodies, sampling, 808 drums, bass, a turntable mixer and acoustic strings creates a magnetic infusion of gospel and New Orleans bounce with “God is Love”. With the blessing of the “distinguished OG” gospel singer Fred Hammond and the illustrious New Direction choir, Peter captures nostalgic bliss…redolent of early Sunday mornings filled with the aroma of Granny’s biscuits fresh from the cast iron skillet.

As New Direction sings, “If you love somebody put your hands up, If you love somebody put your hands up, If you love somebody put your hands up, God is Love”, the bridging of a gap between generations (before and after) spiritually transpires; radiating light and love with a purpose to create peace among us through God in the form of art and music. As a true believer that love conquers all, love is the quintessence to the evolution of life. Without love blessings and dreams are non-existent in this Earthly realm. Through love peace can and will exist in this moment of time and beyond, for love is the glue that bonds the people together for the greater good. “God is Love” and anything that we do in this life we must do “with love, just cause”. Open the 4 chambers of your heart and let love flow through with “God is Love” co-created by Peter CottonTale, Fred Hammond and New Direction.