Supa Bwe • "I Hate You"


I Hate You

Directed By LONEWOLF

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Supa Bwe and director LONEWOLF join forces in the recent visual release of Supa Bwe’s I Hate You. Featured on his recent EP “Just Say Thank You”, the project’s opening track takes a deep dive into Supa’s issues trusting others, and his simultaneous desire for attention from others. LONEWOLF, a man on the come up in his own right, does a great job providing a backdrop for the song using an array of clever camera work and some off the wall b-roll; his video work strays from any preconceived notions of what a rap video should look like in all the best ways. Like other videos that we have seen come from resourceful Chicago artists, a great budget isn't needed to show the uniqueness and elaborate style that Supa Bwe exemplifies.