Iris Temple • "Pretty Love"


Pretty Love

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Chicago duo Iris Temple unveil their melodic and endearing storytelling on “Pretty Love.” To soothe the soul, Quinn Barlow throughout is searching for clarity and confidence to amend a hollow relationship. The opening shot catches Quinn Barlow tenderly singing, “In the summertime, you will never find, a pretty love, that is nearly as sweet as mine.” Through body language and tone, Quinn is able to communicate his resentment towards a faulty, misleading relationship with his significant other. Midway, there is an overhead, two-character shot featuring both artists. Collectively, this shot represents Quinn’s loneliness and want for transparency in his relationship. By the end of the song, Quinn’s character evolves to a point where he recognizes the flaws in his relationship and can acknowledge that this hollow relationship just isn’t worth it, and we’re happy he came to that conclusion. Anyone making music this pretty deserves better.