Matt Muse • "Ain't No"


Ain’t No

Produced by Ace da Vinci

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Transcending beyond the tone and rhythm, Matt Muse’s Chi-city roots deepen{s} his poetic poise with “Ain’t No”. As he spits, “I’m ‘bout my words so I give it, 110, fuck a scrimmage, Y’all taking practice, where the atlas, See your way out my village, You niggas AI - artificial, And I’m AI - so official, With the braids, Hair be laid, fuck a fade, oh I slayed, Less concerned with accolades, Lesson learned it’s all charades”, Matt’s self-affirmation(s} and confidence shine{s}upon his flow and delivery. Kick back and vibe to the rawness of Matt Muse with “Ain’t No” co-created by Ace da Vinci.