Polo G & Tay 600 • "Growing Pains"


Growing Pains

Produced by Wooski

Co-created by Polo G & Tay 600

The grind is incessant when one elevates through the trenches; As illustrators of {the} hunger, pain and survival of the streets both Polo G & Tay 600 decipher this testament with “Growing Pains” produced by Wooski. Cascading in the atmosphere of 808’s, keys and hi hat{s}, Polo G raps, “So much questions for the Lord, Keep on asking "God, why?”, Tell them the story of my life, That shit might make a n—ga cry, Homies left me outta' nowhere, I ain't get to say goodbye, Plan on grinding till I'm standing, At that gate up in the sky”… placing veristic emotion{s}and tribulation{s} into words of artistic expression{s}.

Dribbling amongst the pulse of the keys as he spit{s}, “Thinkin' bout them times, I seen them opps and damn near died,It's so many times I could've stopped, But never tried,You ain't chasin' money, Then you might get left behind” and “So many nights I been in the stu, But I'm on the block with .9s, Get on the beats, I'm speaking the truth, That shit so hard to find”, Tay 600’s self expression and uncompromising realism projects beyond the music.