Ness Heads • "PaperTown"



Co-created by Sam Hagensick & walkingshoe

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Kitted with a rapt poeticism, the nuance(s) of Ness Heads’ vocalism intoxicates the ear and mental with “PaperTown”. Marrying the strings of the acoustic {guitar} as she sings, “Rock a Rollie and I put it on my wrist (yeah), copped the bands and I had to make it flip (yeah), Bobby Flay and I’m cooking with a flick (yeah), Had to do it, yeah I had to do it quick (yeah)” and “I had to go solo, speeding up like a Lambo, top down see the surface, whip it like it’s my purpose”, Ness expresses her devotion of habitual truthfulness, elevation and staying power. Drown in Ness Heads’ metaphoric euphoria as she soul search with “PaperTown” co-created by Sam Hagensick and walkingshoe.