Nosmo (ft. TylerFlyr) • "All Fax No Printer"


All Fax No Printer

Directed by Classic James

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The highly anticipated visual for “All Fax No Printer” has finally dropped.

Being awoken furiously as Skeet Pete's production eclipses eardrums, Nosmo swiftly coordinates his daily agenda with ease. The upbeat tempo and cadence make viewers attach to his raw, exuberant character. But midway, the entire mood of the video changes. After being shot, Nosmo is bleeding profusely with doctors rushing to save his life. However, once TylerFlyr raps his reinvigorating flow, Nosmo dramatically comes back to life with an exchange of a profound handshake.

Aside from "All Fax No Printer" exciting viewers with blends of hot and cool tones, the storyline reigns supreme.