Ano Bank$ • "Coaster"



Produced by Yung Tago

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Outfitted with melodious eccentricity, Ano Bank$ lyrical poise shines amongst the high-sounding silkiness created by Yung Tago and Ron Ron with “Coaster”. Grooving to the bounce of the 808 and Hawaiian style riff, Ano coasts with a continuously smooth motion as he harmonizes “Dalmation around the nation I got hella spots, so unorthodox, locks up like a crime on top, jugging I’m cutting I ride with a scale and a onion, don’t be beefing I’m getting this money”... jauntily expressing a self confident air and sense of focus. As he tunefully sings,“I’m like hol up, all my n-ggas showed up, you rockin then I’m rolling, and I’ve been on my grizzly I’m so focused, blowing like a chimney it’s a forest”, Ano’s sui generis inflection(s) spark the ear and emotions. Bump “Coaster” and vibe to the fresh aura that Ano Bank$, Yung Tao and Ron Ron formulated.