Carlile • "Spare Me"


Spare Me

co-produced by Carlile & Uuskhy

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Esthetically filled with fiery eccentricities, Carlile’s harmonious vocality diffuses throughout the polyphonic orchestration of “Spare Me” provided by Carlile, Uuskhy and Reuben Gingrich. Evocatively using low frequencies of waves and vibrations, Carlile’s brazen vernacular births a defying potency as she vocalizes, “So you think that you’re coy, but clearly it’s an act of guilt, {ooh} it’s hard not to see that truth when I’m cleaning up the mess you’re spilling”. Coinciding with the virtuosic instrumentation of the ornamental drum, Carlile’s lyrical inquisition cruises as she utters “You think, {you think} that we do not see what you do? You make, {you make} me sick to my stomach, Don’t say, {don’t say} that you do not see that it’s hurt, Don’t play, {don’t play}, You’re gonna get what you deserve”...purporting the ear into an abyss of electro-pop infusion. Drown into the elusive aura and expressive anomalies that Carlile, Uuskhy & Reuben Gingrich concocts with “Spare Me”.