Adam Ness • "Have a Good Time"


Have a Good Time

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Photos taken by Michael Salisbury

There once was a time when R&B had a carefree groove, one where a band laid out a light and easy party jam worthy of hip bumps in smokey basements. Good time party tunes reminiscent of Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up” or Lucy Pearl’s “Dance Tonight” are scarce. While R&B does well tackling subjects regarding the ups and downs of relationships and sex, it’s fallen short of providing the genuine feel good tunes that set the vibe at the backyard bashes of our childhood.

Adam Ness’s aptly named “Have a Good Time” is just such a groove. The jazzy cut, featuring Jamila Woods, opens the mellow track’s dreamlike scene. An all inclusive party going on as Adam slinks and dances, true black boy joy, is the scene for this positive vibe hit. The video depicts a smokey house party, where beautiful people are gathered to experience Adam Ness perform. With all the great opportunities set before him, it’s no wonder Adam is having a good time. Adam currently on tour with Noname, has an upcoming album to be released later this month and solo dates quickly filling up his calendar. More visuals are coming up from Ness as he’s also creating part 1 of a two part ep series set to release on the 21st of this month with part 2 dropping in the summer. Adam looking forward to creating completely new sounding music that shows off Adam’s full range of talents. “It’s clear that I can sing, now I just want to continue to have fun and stretch the Vibe out as far as I can.”

What do you hope your music is inspiring in your listeners?

My favorite part of my music is how people feel when they hear it whether I’m writing about something ratchet… ratchet for myself is being very sexually liberated, very factual in what I’m singing, There’s no point to lie to anybody about anything... I just want to be direct, other people feel comfortable in that way too! The first time I started singing Blush people would kiss and make out in the audience, grinding on each other! I have four emails testifying to conceptions to that song. My new music is more bold, electric and matter of fact...My crowd is pretty much who I am.

You have an effortless talent it seems, Your range is incredible. Where does that come from?

Classical training, and I’m inspired by Aretha Franklin, she’s my favorite, and Mariah Carey’s range. I always admired female singers, I always like, ‘girls can sing better than guys’, I always admired that range and power. I like to model those skills, I believe my voice is androgynous, like my personality wardrobe and style and everything else. I Love your style and outfits!  “Thank you I actually identify as bisexual, I know people like to speculate, I thought that maybe I’d keep it a mystery but I’m more so concerned about being as open as possible …. That’s probably the only way I can get to the deepest truths, I only want to be a light.

I believe you are a light. You have an approachable nature, You’re so honest with your audience it makes you more accessible it seems.

My manager and I just had a conversation about how everybody just doesn't have an approachable nature, and those people put that on themselves.

In this industry even very new careers, egos can develop Do you ever have to self check for you ego?

I usually only have ego when I play videogames with my boyfriend, I’m super competitive. I heard the neighbor upstairs play Injustice 2, I heard him say he had it in the hallway, I’m such a little creeper anyway, he had his door open I was like ‘Do you wanna?’ he was like like, ‘what’s up?’ I let him know I got my controller right here! So I’m super competitive. But ego? No I’ll probably still get nervous before I sing, like what’s the point? If I ever get enough clout to be in a place to address certain egos? I’d love to do that.