Charged Up

Shot by Patrick Abella

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From what I’ve seen, BLACK SERBS are a group of individuals who never cease to pull up at a 100mph.

“CHARGED UP,” as the titles suggests, is no exception to this 0 to 100 lifestyle. The beats are raw and the hi-hats and kicks always find a way to break it down so the foot-workers can take it away. It’s right at those moments —when they splice us between juke, electro, and hip-hop—that they tug at your inner human emotions. Like something of a therapy session, but here, BLACK SERBS aren’t asking you to express what’s tormenting you inside, as much as they’re demanding you to dig it out.

BLACK SERBS have a way to invoke that primal instinct caught between rage and confusion. What’s interesting is how they keep that same energy with everything they throw. Whether it’s a song with verses and hooks or more of an instrumental concept, BLACK SERBS provide an experience. By way of Patrick Abella, BLACK SERBS bolster “CHARGED UP” with a full spectrum of in your face tactics to keep you locked for the ride. At this point they’re showing so many kinds of smoke there’s no telling where they’ll take it next.