Brittney Carter • "You Can't Hold The Torch"


You Cant Hold The Torch

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Like a needle Brittney Carter’s lines strike thoroughly, they are sharp, fearless and seemingly abundant. A short journey at just one minute and five seconds, Carter’s new single “You Cant Hold The Torch” comes full of punctual wordplay that doesn’t hesitate to paint a clear image of Brittney’s valorous spirit. With no shortage of wisdom in her two step Carter’s been dancing with verses left and right via social media for a minute now. With her ability to cycle through cyphers and singles, Carter’s time-lines feel like an endless supply of motivational lessons.

Bravery, is one theme that remains consistent throughout Brittney Carter’s expanding stream of stories. Like, “Bernie Mac when on the mic, no I ain’t scared of yall,” Carter doesn’t miss the chance to speak candidly, and on “You Cant Hold The Torch” she encourages us to do the same for ourselves. Carter’s on the attack for 2019 and she’s made it clear that she’s not letting up. Time waits for no one, and Brittney Carter’s well aware of what it takes to make a name for herself.