Air Credits • Wasteland Radio New Archives (Blue/659)


Wasteland Radio New Archives (Blue/659)

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Since its inception, the Air Credits music project has provided its members, ShowYouSuck and producer STV SLV, a unique creative channel in the form of a future barren of water and oxygen where pirated radio shows are the most sought out commodities.

Wasteland Radio New Archives (Blue/659) continues their dystopian world’s narrative with two new tracks: “Exhell” and “Connected.” The former places two new characters in the Wasteland universe as Psalm One and Angel Davenport lend vocals while the latter is a frantic record about surviving in the underground “infected but protected.”

ShowYouSuck told Vocalo last year “To me, a lot of the songs in this project [Wasteland Radio New Archives] are just about humans in desperation and how are they are reacting in desperate times.” Blue/659 presents humans acknowledging their small victories in desolate circumstances.