Sydny August • "Like That"


Like That

Directed by Gary Lange

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Exercising the art of seduction with “Like That” produced by Seville and Lucas Hart, Sydny August’s unguarded sentiment(s) of unpretentious lust and love manifests before the lens under the direction of Gary Lange. Professing her enchantment for a newly found affair of the heart as she harmonizes “I can feel your love when you come around, I can see your heart when it’s pouring out, I can touch your soul make you wanna pounce,” Sydny’s saccharine vibration(s) morphs into a dewy-eyed “on camera” affinity. Sharing moments of solid fondness with her “charming prince,” Sydny’s imagination gradually unfolds into her reality of being “in love” with “the idea of love…” amplifying the creative mind of Gary Lange. Float in the melody of Sydny August’s heart and watch her pleasurable contemplation explode in “Like That” directed by Gary Lange.