ShowYouSuck • “Back to the Grid”


Back to the Grid

Produced by Mike Jaxx

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“Back to the Grid” is at face value an exhilarating anthem for this year’s Gridlife Festival, but it’s also an apt title after ShowYouSuck’s recent form. Amidst a prolific creative period, his work with STV SLV as the futuristic group Air Credits has led to Apple commercials and video-game placements, but there’s also the inclusive anthem he did with Psalm One, “NON-BINARY,” his duo work with Sisi Dior, a remix with Open Mike Eagle and most recently his first solo record in over a year.

Here the production moves at a breakneck speed, but the Chicago rapper handles it with the same composure a veteran motorsport driver deals with braking curves. A seasoned artist himself, the 33-year-old has relentlessly worked on improving as a person. Sure, staying up to date with Show’s latest releases is a rewarding experience in diverse music discovery, but it also feels like a solid blueprint of the sacrifices one has to endure to better the self. Not in that sanctimonious way some rappers tend to preach in raps before being assholes in real life. His work comes across in actionable and tangible ways. Show’s career arch has seen its own set of false starts, crashes and unpredictable turns, but I’m glad he’s still giving us his all.