Jamila Woods • "EARTHA"



Produced by Peter CottonTale

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Ethereally drifting amid Peter CottonTale’s kaleidoscopic array of synths, hi-hats and 808’s; Jamila Wood’s paradisal vocality is intricately pieced within the topsy- turvy rhythm of “EARTHA”... exuding a “calm cool and collected” vocal poise. Reaping insight from the straight-shooting spirit and sophistication of the legendary {Queen} Eartha Kitt, Jamila sings, “It’s not that I’m bored I just heard it before, the space you take up, the curve of your learning that’s my labor my love, explaining myself again” and “Who gonna share my love for me with me, Who gonna share my love for me with me”... soulfully expressing the value of her self worth, as well as an ebbing sentiment of thought(s) and words that are {often} left unspoken. Soak into Jamila Woods’ poetic liberation with “Eartha” Co-created by Peter CottonTale.