Pivot Gang • "Studio Rules"


Studio Rules

Directed by Addison Wright

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There’s no time to rest for Pivot Gang —at least not until their forthcoming album is finally out. Fresh off a European tour that consisted of 17 cities in three weeks, Saba was back in the lab with his West Side cohorts as soon as his plane landed.

"Studio Ground Rules,” the third single off the yet untitled project, is a rundown of the Pivot etiquette they developed over a decade ago when they used to record out of Sab and Joseph Chilliams’ grandparents' basement. They’ve transported their operations to a more adequate space, but the guidelines for visitors have remained mostly the same: be lowkey, no square smoke and definitely don’t call next on 2K. Saba, Frsh Waters, and MFnMelo all check in for verses that toe the line between their own singular style and the collective’s cohesive sound orchestrated by Daoud and daedaePIVOT.

The video is a tour inside Pivot Gang Studios and its distinctive elements. On top of the slappers being created; there’s a Nintendo Switch session, smoke in the air, squeakPIVOT in the cut and —of course—Joseph Chilliams’ iconic dance moves.

They haven’t taken any days offs, but now that they’re all back home, there’s no place Pivot Gang would rather be.