Mic Lee & OvaEastMeech • "Cross My Mind"


Cross My Mind

Co-created by Mic Lee & OvaEastMeech


Dressed with buoyant energy, the rhythm and tempo of “Cross My Mind” encapsulates a latter-day house vibe. Marrying the pulse of the composition as he spits, “King of The Hill, got the world in my hands, mind in Japan but I don’t do the Xans, I ain’t Mr. Perfect but I do what I can, I ain’t really come to this party with a plan, watch out lil mama I’m about to do my dance, You can join if you wanna but ya cappin’ if ya scared”, OvaEastMeech’s cadence fluidly dances upon the multi-layered flavors that Mic Lee orchestrates. Mic and Meech show their respect to the origins of House music as Meech gently chants the legendary lyric(s) of Steve Silk Hurley’s“Jack Your Body”...piercing the ears, mind and emotions of House heads across the land. Sink into the lively vibrations that Mic Lee and OvaEastMeech cooked up with “Cross My Mind”.