Angry BlackMen • TALKSHIT! EP



Produced by Wendigo


Our good friends Angry Black Men have added a new beguiling chapter to their story. Still heavier than a ton of bricks, their mainstay producer Wendigo has returned with them, and he delivers in the tune of a refined Ronnie J; brass-knuckle bass balanced against precisely panned percussion.

TALKSHIT! is a collection of a few of ABM's best and latest tracks. ANARCHY, SPAZZ!, & TALKSHIT! are a renewed dive into the psyche of both rappers. Through the EP's opening cuts Quentin shows his quirky side, referencing characters from cartoons and comics. Brian weaves a quilt of double entendres on “SPAZZ!” an artful flip of a classic funk song peppered with samples of an infamous Charles Manson interview. The EP's title track TALKSHIT! begins with a sample that sounds like the Terminator. In opposition to the earlier cuts on the EP, Quentin gives us a high-energy, gravelly mission statement while Brian utilizes a more laid-back approach and flows slowly and deliberately, the calm eye in the center of Quentin's storm.

Chosen as the last track on the EP, RIOT! Still feels as fresh as it did on its release date in Winter 2017. The tracks are skillfully curated, each one flowing seamlessly into the next; a testament to Wendigo's skill and music IQ. Blast the TALKSHIT! EP and join the Angry Black Man movement!