Farouk • Future Diary


Future Diary

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Chicago-based producer Farouk unveils their repertoire of versatile, tantalizing beats on the album Future Diary. The simplicity of music shines with Farouk’s keen ability to majestically match low-fi beats with heart-clinching melodies. On the opening track, “Touch,” listeners become swiftly attached with staggering beat passages. Calmly, whimsical and pulsating sounds add a preternatural ambiance to soothe eardrums. However, on “Dark Spots” listeners are perplexed.  The atmospheric, avant-garde bass combined with the grimy ambiance sets up for an eerie climax of vengeance. The meticulous transitions into each track let Farouk’s convoluted vision come to life without the need for diction. Enter Future Diary unbound and leave feeling reinvigorated by the delicacy.