Lil Zay Osama • "Changed Up"


Changed Up

Produced by FatManBeatz

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Harmonizing his pain atop the piano keys and 808’s, Lil Zay Osama wears his heart on his sleeve with “Changed Up” produced by FatManBeatz. Sharing his disappointment in selfish and disloyal actions of people who were around him, Zay soulfully vocalizes “You ain’t give no fuck ‘bout me, You was cracking them cards and sellin’ that shit,I was out on the block with nun’ but a nick, Hunnit deep with the partnas plotting on a lick, Life on the line, taking a risk, Protecting the side, I’m bangin’ the stick, You gettin’ money ain’t fronted me shit”. As he sings, “I was up on the block with a Glock in my hands, makin’ sure niggas made it home safe, You was up on the block with some rocks in yo hands, I was slayin’ anything came yo way, I was protection for you any day, All I ask for you is to put me in play”, Lil Zay Osama euphoniously illustrates his sentiment of honesty and distrust. Lend an ear to Lil Zay Osama’s profound expressions and vibe out to “Change Up”.