VICTOR! • "+ (PLUS)"


+ (PLUS)


Last night, amid a pair of high-profile releases, our rising hometown star, VICTOR! shared with his fans the first single off his forthcoming EP, PLACERES.

“+ (PLUS)” is a lowkey and fragile cut split into two parts. The first half is driven by a lonely guitar and the 18 years old's wistful voice as he attempts to take stock of his mistakes and keep his partner. But then, halfway through, the guitar’s melody is reversed and it transitions into the song’s backend with a jarring confession: “If you knew how hard it has been for me to trust at all.It’s a suffocating admission that adds to a steady-building undercurrent that never finds its climax.

We’re simply left with unresolved tension as he solemnly sings “I know that I’m wrong, didn’t want you holding on,” urging the listener to replay the song over and over in hopes that the next listen will provide the answers. Yet the release never comes. We loved the record back when it was originally released in December via Soundcloud and now that it’s been reissued on all platform we’re ready to keep it on repeat.