Defprez • Sunday No. 1 (EP)


Sunday No. 1


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A midwestern-supergroup is upon us by way of rap trio Defprez, the name a portmanteau of rappers Defcee of River Forest, IL, and CRASHprez of Fort Washington, MD,  and producer knowsthetime of Milwaukee, WI. Defprez’s debut EP Sunday No. 1 was recorded in Madison, WI in two days at the end of Summer 2018. It is the culmination of real, ready hip-hop heads that write a lot, and still care about a cipher.

Sunday No. 1 is a seamless flow of tracks clocking at just under nine minutes of concentrated prowess from knowsthetime’s whimsical, old school reverence. The beats slap, with skits breaking up instrumentals with self-assured black braggadocio. Defcee and and CRASHprez attack the project with assertive flows, and hyper-real social commentary. Defprez is the paragon of quality over quantity, watch them make big moves.