LUCKI • "Peach Dream"


Peach Dream



Lucki’s non-chalant arrogance propels his artistry beyond the key minor organs, 808’s and snare patterns with “Peach Dream” produced by Cash Cobain. Being one of the few artists that taps into the “emo-trap” sound, Lucki’s calm, yet complex style of emotional expression spills onto “Peach Dream” as he spits, “ You too good to be true, you like Actavis”... “All these n-ggas hate, all I show is love, F-ck that b-tch, she gotta be sick that’s why she hit me up, Got my momma googling lean, keep sendin’ me kidney stuff”.

Free heartedly bouncing back and forth between the groove Cash Cobain cooked up, Lucki belts out “Play me like a fool, but you’ll be back again, All this money on lean, should’ve been a VVS, I fixed that ho self esteem, now she wanna see me dead”... putting past sentiment of heartache, struggle with addiction and his way of life in the music.