Myquale • "Echoes"




A lot of rap today has been catering to party culture. A lot of the rap today is a bunch of catchy lines followed by “aye” and “whoah” ad-libs. And don’t get me wrong, that specific kind is necessary and important. “Echoes” by Myquale is the balance between this new era of party rap.

Last year Myquale released Flight Theory, a five-track ep. Since then he has been on a small hiatus. “Echoes” is a melting pot of harmonies, instrumentation, and overall a cohesive song. It is obvious that Myquale is deeply inspired by old-school hip-hop and stays true to his sound. “Echoes” is the type of song you decompress to after a turnt ass party, it’s the perfect pre-game to a netflix and chill date, or simply a good pick when someones says “put me on”. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Myquale, I know “Echoes” isn’t the last we’ll be hearing from him this year.