Lil Randy • "Get Yourself Together"




Visually and musically providing authentic and genuine energy, Lil Randy naturally taps into his homegrown West Side roots with “Get Yourself Together” directed by Rickee Arts. As one of the promising voices for the streets, the young Chicago native’s trials and tribulation pushes through the music. Shamelessly vocalizing, “I was homeless shattered my heart into a thousand pieces, I swear my heart turned cold I got a thousand reasons, swear this shit I never seen coming, this street shit like a rerun”, Randy allows his pain to bleed through the instrumental.

Candidly wearing his sentiment on his sleeve as he harmonizes, “I can’t change the way I love, I didn’t ask to, And don’t care how you feel, Cause I didn’t ask you, Told em just be there in my corner when I need you”, Lil Randy’s high expectation of love and loyalty translates into action as he receives support from his friends and family throughout the “Get Yourself Together” visual. Step into Lil Randy’s world and connect with his testimony while blasting “Get Yourself Together”.