Lala Lala & WHY? • "Siren 042"


Siren 042

Directed by Scott Fredette

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Lala Lala and WHY? joined forces on “Siren 042”, a smooth, yet deep piece presented by the collaborators. With an indie rock draw, WHY? brings another element to the table, along with comprehensive and cutting lyrics by Lala Lala, you are able to feel the heart and soul that is put out from both sides. With unique instrumental experimentation and hooks, “Siren 042” is the perfect mix from all aspects. Relaxed and easy going, the mellow tone braced by Lala’s up front vocalization, backed up by WHY?, gives us introspective mantras over airy, evolving musical components that are second to none. While being extremely successful in their own paths, it is always great to see artists join sides for projects, whether that be one song or an album. “Siren 042” is a collection of the powerful elements needed to make the audience think and look inward, without being overwhelmed by large invasive sounds. Complimented by the Scott Fredette directed visual, “Siren 042” is the voice in your head urging you to know yourself, but also, the reminder that you’re not in it alone.