Calid B • "Morning Sex?"


Morning Sex?


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Calid B recently dropped a new single, “Morning Sex?”, a super bubbly and wavy track produced by omoidé about the sexual needs and desires for a lover. Featuring an extremely smooth vocal front by Calid B this piece is surprisingly picturesque, evoking something of a Marvin Gaye aesthetic. Opening with a 4 beat front reminiscent of star producer Pharrell, omoidé gives us an experimental yet soft tone to rock with. “Morning Sex?” Is just that, taking a super intimate subject and giving it a personal and funk derived approach. Calid B gives us smooth samples of what he can do lyricaly and vocally, mixing the bar for bar lines with soft vocals. It’s becoming ever evident that the master of Afro Bang is as, or even more so, versatile than the next. No doubt Calid will continue displaying his well rounded form of expression throughout 2019.