SoloSam • "Highly Favored"




Holding down 2018 with ITIS, SoloSam is ready to bring that joyous, meticulous lyricism back in 2019. In his new offering “Highly Favored”, Solo establishes his force in a clear, heartfelt manner. By producing an interactive, breezy beat, Solo reels in listeners with ease. Incorporating food for thought through pinpoint wordplay opens up room for conversation. He raps “They say chains are free, man I slaved for this”. Understanding how far he has come drives him to keep striving for what’s next. In perspective, validation for Solo isn’t defined by others, it’s defined by his individuality. Essentially, staying poised and growing with grace. Although Solo embodies a sincere, genuine persona, he isn’t hesitant to bring vengeance. He eloquently raps “I’m a jolly fellow who going to leave you hollow if you come across with that “ooo”. Reinvigorating his prominence with this new single, Solo Sam’s on his way to making the most out of 2019.