Martin $ky & autumn keys • "Sometimes"




In late 2018, we saw the first collaboration between Martin $ky and Autumn Keys on “Layers”. As that track has peaked with plays, both artists have diligently prepared for phase 2. Today, we see them mix their unique talents on “Sometimes”. Welcoming listeners with warm static waves creates a lightly feathered connection to comfort. The mesmerizing low-fi sounds equate gently like soothing effects for the mind. As the addition of more acute sounds enters the ensemble, the desire for exploration rises. Midway, the track’s tempo speeds up with immersive keys and hollow tones. The short, jump-cut sounds emphasize timely changes in direction. Collectively, all of the individual sounds harmonize together to set up a brief, beautiful isolation of angelic piano keys. The irresistible arrangement creates a soft, compassionate aesthetic. Insitivinctly, the chattering noises from the beginning are used in the end for symmetry. Concluding slowly, piano keys fade into the darkness, leaving the ears cold, longing for more.