Queen Key • “Ratchett”


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In 2018 Queen Key upheld the expectations set by her breakout single “My Way’ with the brazenly empowered Eat My Pussy EP. Now she’s ready to level-up by way of a thumping new single entitled “Ratchett” and an important announcement regarding the hotly anticipated sequel to EMP.

If you follow Key on social-media —and honestly it’s a disservice to yourself if you aren’t—you’ve probably been anticipating this record since she first teased it on Twitter. Produced by ChaseTheMoney (who’s been behind the boards of damn near all my favorite Chicago releases of the past month), “Ratchett’s” bass is meant to shatter your car windows and get any function started. The video, shot by Jvisuals, follows Key and her friends killing a packed-show and getting lit backstage with distorted animations that allude to the face-melting, high-energy instrumental.

Following months of hype build-up, Eat My Pussy Again is finally set to drop on Valentine’s Day. The news of the released date was paired up with the unveiling of the project’s official cover. Check that out and enjoy the video above.