Matt Muse • "Don't Tweak"




Coming off his second project “Nappy Talk”, Matt Muse debuts his self-directed music video for “Don’t Tweak”. He affirms his status as a vicious MC trying to separate from the competition. The premise of the video features Matt Muse’s Robinhood crusade causing havoc around town while detectives are tireless looking to catch them in the act. Soundly, the parallels of two different perspectives are executed with brief, concise skits. Cutscenes of closed room detective meetings to outlandish acts of egregious behavior lets Matt Muse’s avant-garde sound elevate. The bravado in the chorus repeating “Don’t. Don’t-Don’t-Don’t, Don’t Tweak,” establishes a solid base. In addition, the cadence is strategic not letting the listener miss any beat or phrase. As the detectives begin to approach Matt Muse in an alleyway, the suspense is unveiled with a heart beating slow-motion scene featuring a single shot of a detective running after Muse. Listening closely, you can hear Muse's footsteps slapping the pavement. Thump after thump, a shocking twist transpires questioning every assumption you may have had leading up to that point.