Martin $ky • "Again"




It’s only been a hot minute since 2018, and already Martin $ky blesses us with his latest track, “Again”. The eccentric and electrifying producer crafts a coherent idea by using numerous abstract sounds. Martin’s understanding of comforting tones and tempos allows him to roam freely when creating. He wastes no time getting down to business, using the slap of a rim-hitting snare, alongside the thumping kicks, guiding the winding melodies. On top, piano keys intersect sharply with synching nodelike chords. Quickly, new melodies are introduced as the beat continues on it’s controlled rampage connecting a wide array of high-pitches, low-fi sounds, and stuttered static sound waves. Gradually, the volume of each sound rises letting frequencies mashup. However, each frequency has a chance to come through, not letting one overshadow another. Swiftly, radiant piano keys lull us into a blissful ending. Collectively, $ky continues to craft stories for our imaginations to decipher without the use of words. Letting the simplicity of music say it’s piece.