Cupcakke • "Squidward Nose"




Following a public acknowledgment of her battle with personal issues, Cupcakke’s resilient spirit endured to let fans know she’s “finally getting the help that I need to get through, be happy, & deliver great music.” And while her fans were surely relieved to know she was ok and looking forward to new music, the immediate release of “Squidward Nose” was a welcomed surprised.

A versatile writer, Cupcakke can make intimately poignant songs just as good as her more popular work. But, in stark relief of her distressing week, “Squidward Nose” is a lighthearted record that revels in outrageously funny and salacious boasts. She knows how to push the envelope without sacrificing the quality of the record or forcing a line. “His dick smaller than my toes / I'd rather ride Squidward nose,” she sings in the hook and it’s the perfect sample of this song’s inventive and uninhibited content from a genius’ mind. Stream above.