Vell Le Villain • "Relapse"




Vell Le Villain is breaking from the Mothership and headed to Heartbreak Planet. Rapping within an alternate universe, Vell is part of a Chicago hip hop collective who refer to themselves as The Mothership, comprised of Vell Le Villain, SoloCelo, the Golden Boys, and Jae Rio. While the collective remains partially shrouded in mystery, sounds from Vell and SoloCelo have been popping up on the internet for over a year. While SoloCelo has a catchy, up-tempo, full length self-titled record out now, Vell’s sounds seem to be leaking out in the form of equally infectious singles, including his most recent, “Relapse.”

“Relapse” is the work of a young hip hop artist bending genres, as one does in contemporary hip hop. The song is a gassed, up-tempo rap anthem with a singer-rapper vibe influenced by contemporaries like Juice WRLD. The song is seamless, polished, catchy, and replayable like a mobius strip of sound. Vell’s “Relapse” sits streaming beside one other single entitled “Hol’ On,” on Spotify.

“Relapse” is the launch point of Vell Le Villain’s musical journey, which embraces intergalactic occult themes, galaxy shit, and the beginning of the artist’s cosmic narrative. Rumor has it Vell will continue to release music framed within this narrative, perhaps inspired by Kanye’s ascent to notoriety via his release of collegiate-framed albums. Watch Vell’s alternate universe unfold, with new releases rumored to be in the works (allegedly with future artwork from up and coming Chicago artist Jay Skyy).