Noname (Ft. Phoelix) • "Song 31"




Earlier this week an at-capacity Thalia Hall ushered in 2019 by witnessing Noname perform her critically-acclaimed work and fan-favorite cuts. Feeling grateful for the New Year and and three straight sold-out dates in her hometown, the Bronzeville native gifted fans a new single entitled “Song 31.”

Phoelix is featured as a guest-vocalist and producer --as he often did on These Days’ favorite Room 25--alongside drums by Luke Titus in a song that’s a stylistic heir to the album with it’s jazz influences and intricate rhymes poignantly speaking on selling pain for profit.

Noname wants you to send “Song 31” to your homies when they’re arguing whether she can rap or not. But in the spirit of a new year, I want to be more honest with myself and those around me. So if you’re reading this and know someone who would like to debate her lyrical prowess, I advocate that one of your top 2019 resolutions should be to find better friends and keep Noname in rotation.