LILBOYROC • Jeffery 2




Continuing at a relentless pace, Chicago artist LILBOYROC brings us his latest project Jeffery 2 another piece seeming to give a nod to of one his biggest influences, Young Thug's and possibly the sequel of Jeffery 2 that Thug may never release. One of his most recent projects, following BARTER 8 and foreshadowing that of possibly another Thug inspired piece. Drawing inspiration from the sounds, vibe and certainly the style of Thug, LILBOYROC gives us a great feel of these elements, while putting his own spin on that. The project, a 4 song dive deep into the mixes, vibes and clearly the versatility of LILBOYROC continues to kill. A great mixture of lyrics and extremely solid and experimental vocalization, it is clear that LILBOYROC’s bag is deep. Although the project may seem heavily Thug inspired, the final song is a hurt, saddened, and deep version of Drakes 2016 hit One Dance. This makes you wonder what is next for LILBOYROCs lineup of artist inspired projects. Continuing the path of releasing projects within weeks of each other, it is clear that we may find out soon.