Dreezy (Ft. Kash Doll) • "Chanel Slides"




Strapped with heavy 808’s, snares and whimsical bells, Pierre Bourne sets the scene for Dreezy’s and Kash Doll’s Midwest link up on “Chanel Slides”. To no surprise the metaphorical lesson in “stunt and finesse” entails conceited bars that hallmarks both Dreezy’s and Kash Doll’s plethoric lifestyle of draping in designer, as a result of their elite business acumen and virtuosic sex game. Instantaneously vibing off of the energy Pierre created with “Chanel Slides”, Dreezy’s flow and bounce elevates her bars beyond the pen and pad, as she spits, “Graduated from the U of finesse, your n**ga hit, wanna give me a check” and “He eat me Hibachi, now that’s some sloppy toppy, ride like a Kawasaki, this Chanel now, no Huaraches, Talk your sh*t, I’m on your block and we aint pullin no Tekashi”... flaunting her Windy City demeanor and vernacular.

Bringing her vivacious energy to “Chanel Slides”, Kash Doll’s new found flow allowed her recklessly bold bars to shine through. As she utters “Me and money married no divorce, makin b**ches mad no remorse, you just gotta let it run its course” and “Yogi bears, they don’t want no smoke, my neck game match my wrist game, flawless victory like I’m Lu Kang”, Kash’s aura personifies her D-Town roots. Take notes and get on the money train with Dreezy and Kash Doll as you bump “Chanel Slides”.